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Brooke and Jeffrey

Animated Adventures: I Lost Sucky

If anyone has seen a missing roomba, let us know..

50/50 Facebook Fandango (Part 1)

We’re playing 50/50 Fandango and the stakes are high! Get a 50/50 question right, and you’re safe…

50/50 Facebook Fandango (Part 2)

(Part 2) Brooke and Alexis have already earned two embarrassing statuses to post, but are Jose and…

Animated Adventures: Conspiracy Landlord

Get your tin-foil hat ready because this Animated Phone Tap is a doozy!

“I’m A Spring Cleaner”

Time to organize our lives.. This will be the soundtrack to your Saturday! Instead of Smash Mouth’s…

Animated Adventures: Bank Chef

Multitasking is usually a good thing. But when you’re trying to make just a quick call, and…

What’s On Your Mind? – March 17th

Brooke might have baby fever again, Jose’s nephew is teaching him new slang, Alexis had an embarrassing…

“Fiber Crisis”

Jeff is adamant that there’s a big problem in our future that should be our #1 priority….

What’s On Your Mind? – March 10

Brooke saw her first Star Wars Movie, Jose got into the Stock Market, Alexis has a unique…

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