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Brooke and Jeffrey

“Alright Alright”

Would Matthew McConaughey be the sexiest politician of all time? Instead of Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight, Tonight”…

Animated Adventures: Kanye Hotel

Pranking front desk workers is one of our specialties and in today’s Animated Phone Tap, we call…

Brooke Doesn’t Tip Baristas – What’s On Your Mind? (April 7)

Brooke hasn’t been tipping her baristas, Jose got called into the Boss’s office, Alexis had a disappointing…

Animated Adventures: April Fools At the Bank

This April Fools Day… NO ONE is going to catch Jose off guard!

“My Vaccine”

Instead of ABBA’s Dancing Queen, Young Jeffrey wants “MY VACCINE!”

Brooke Owes Alexis An Apology – What’s On Your Mind (March 31)

Brooke has an apology for Alexis, Jose tried out some Vaccine humor that didn’t go well, Alexis’…

Capri Sun Chugging World Record Attempt

The official record was 16.65 seconds. Do you think Jeffrey’s attempt counts as a new World Record?

“I’m A Peep”

It’s time the most underappreciated Easter treat got some respect. This one goes out to all the…

Brooke Has 200 New Pets?! – What’s On Your Mind

Brooke is about to get 200 more pets against her will, Jose had an odd interaction with…

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