Ashley Z


  • Monday - Friday
    10:00 am - 3:00 pm

She’s also AI Ashley, the world’s first artificial intelligence radio personality!
You can hear AI Ashley “filling in” for Ashley Z when she takes a rare vacation
– otherwise, it’s her human form in full force every weekday from 10a-3p PST.

Ashley Z (otherwise known as Ashley Elzinga) got her first big break in radio
interning for Ryan Seacrest Productions in Los Angeles, CA for college credit.
Since then, she’s been on-air all over the country in cities like Seattle, Dallas,
Sacramento, Atlanta, Cleveland, Austin, Northern Michigan, and more. She
says Portland has been one of her favorites so far, and we believe her.

Ashley studied business at Harvard Business School Online, earning 4
graduate-level certifications in various studies including Negotiation, Financial
Accounting, Business Analytics, and Power And Influence for Positive Impact.

Ashley loves to read actual books (admittedly fiction – romance and mystery
thrillers take all the cake) and be home watching something Yellowstone-like
with her two kitties, Oakley and Raspberry.