Young Adults Riding Out Coronavirus With Their Parents Face Tech, Living Issues

Young adults who have moved back in with their parents during lockdowns and quarantines are experiencing challenges. “Since I work at a tech startup, my family has come to believe I’m some kind of IT person. So I was designated to help set up the monitor, the printer, the keyboard and the mouse because I can presumably put it together in five minutes,” said a 24-year-old product analyst. Young adults are trying to adjust to new routines and hope to maintain their own work schedules, but they’re also helping family members with online bank transfers, tech issues and how to do videoconferencing.

“After breakfast it was directly to Geek Squad support,” said a 28-year-old head of sales. “Sometimes they hit the wrong button and lost the connection and I’d get the call: ‘Zoom! Zoom! Johnny, I lost them!’” However, sometimes the young people need help too. The TV in a 26-year-old fashion editor’s room requires three remote controls. “Every time I want to watch TV, I have to have my dad help me,” she said.