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30-year-old Mellisa Weaver was certain she aced her job interview…she had the skills they were looking for and it seemed to go well. So she was stunned when she received a rejection email and followed up asking what went wrong. 


@_melissaweaver Does wearing make up to work make a difference? #work #corporate #career #interview #job #jobsearch #makeup #jobinterview #opinion #advice #women ♬ original sound – Melissa

She was told she had the skill set they were looking for, but they were concerned she didn’t put enough effort into her appearance. She says the only thing she “didn’t put effort into” was doing her makeup.

It blew up when she shared her story on TikTok with so many people pointing out that a man would never have gotten that feedback. Commenters also gave her kudos for taking the classy route and NOT naming the company.