Netflix(NEW YORK) — Netflix has just announced that the third season of The Crown will debut on November 17 by offering fans just a glimpse of Oscar-winner Olivia Colman in full regal attire as Queen Elizabeth.

And it really is just a glimpse: The Favourite star strides into the frame, glances directly at camera, and walks out of frame.

However, that’s more than enough to get fans of the series buzzing.

Vanessa Kirby, who played Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret in the series’ first two seasons, told ABC Radio that The Crown‘s popularity took all involved by surprise.

“It almost felt like we were just doing a little theater show, because it was just a little family,” she explained. “I honestly thought it was going to be a sort of period drama that is interesting to some people like my granny and goes away.”

She laughs, “It was really weird when it first landed on Netflix, and then within a couple of weeks it became clear that it was somehow touching people in quite a universal way, and you didn’t have to be British and over 70 to like it,” calling the reaction, “a complete revelation to all of us…”

And how far flung are the show’s fans? “The strangest moment for me was when … we just landed in Jordan with my charity War Child … and loads of people came up to me in the airport,” she recalled.

“That…was…when it sort of struck me, the level of interest in the royal family — and I think actually we care about [them] the least in England. Oddly, I think you guys are much more into than we are at home.”

This upcoming season, set in the years from 1964-1977, has Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner Helena Bonham Carter playing Kirby’s former role. Other stars inlcude Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles, and Marion Bailey as the Queen Mother.

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