Will GOP Walk Out In Salem Affect Flood Relief Funding For Pendleton?

Pendleton, Or. – Now that Republicans in the Oregon House and Senate have walked out over the cap and trade debate, what will happen to a bill to provide more than $11.7 million dollars to Pendleton for flood relief? GOP House member Greg Smith from Heppner tells the East Oregonian he’s received assurances from both the Governor and House Speaker the debate over cap and trade will not affect it.


Smith says he’s found Tina Kotek to be a leader who keeps her word and adds the governor has kept her word with him in the past. Smith says even if the session ends March 8th without any action on it, he tells the East Oregonian an emergency board could allocate the money later in the spring. Umatilla County Commissioner John Shafer  tells the East Oregonian he’s a little bit disturbed that Democrats didn’t try to pas the flood relief package before they took up cap and trade. Republicans want the issue sent to voters.