West Linn Mayor Apologizes To Michael Fesser

Photo courtesy of KGW

West Linn, Or. – The mayor of West Linn, Russ Axelrod apologized to the community last night and to the African American man who was wrongfully arrested by police a few years ago, Michael Fesser. Fesser recently won a $600,000 settlement with the city.

Axelrod told last night’s council meeting “as mayor of West Linn, I must apologize for the described conduct that has stained our community.” He called for an independent investigation.

The arrest came after Fesser’s boss at A and B Towing asked his fishing buddy, then Police Chief, Terry Timeus for help. Eric Benson was worried about a lawsuit after Fesser  spoke up about alleged racist behavior by co workers.

A number of people testified at last night’s council meeting, including Tre Hester from Wilsonville. He said ” I for one do not buy that any of you guys didn’t know about this.” He said the officers involved need to be fired.