(LOS ANGELES) — Technology has come a long way since 1988’s Child’s Play, so it’s makes sense that for the upcoming reboot of the classic horror flick, the murderous doll Chucky has gotten a major upgrade.

The second trailer for the June 21 release shows that Chucky has been reborn as Buddi, a “smart toy” made by a huge technology company.  Like many connected devices, he’s wired into an app, but unfortunately, he’s also wired into just about every other “smart” device, from home heating systems to appliances to cars.

As you can imagine, that makes him much more dangerous than his previous incarnations.

In this retelling, Aubrey Plaza plays a single mother who gifts a Buddi doll to her son, played by Gabriel Bateman, to keep the kid company when they move to a new city. They don’t hit it off, to say the least.

“Something’s wrong with Chucky!” the kid says, in the understatement of the year.

Mark Hamill voices the doll this time around, replacing Brad Douriff in the role.  In the new clip, we hear Hamill for the first time, whispering menacingly to the boy, “Goodnight, Andy!”

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