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This past weekend, as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes were cleared away, did you get out the boxes of Christmas lights and ornaments and decorate your entire house Griswolds-style?  Then we’ve got a video for you. Cosmopolitan asked Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey to check out some classic Christmas decorations and choose the one she likes best….and oh, the shade!

The Expensive Taste Test video presented Mariah with two different versions of the same item — one more expensive than the other — and asked her pick her favorite.  But because she’s Mariah, she couldn’t just do that. She delivered a monologue on the pros and cons of each Christmas stocking, wreath, Santa hat, roll of wrapping paper or ornament.

Asked to choose between a knitted Christmas stocking and one with appliques on it, she said, “I don’t love either one of them, to be honest with you.”

“I would do just a traditional Christmas stocking with people’s names on the top,” she continued, adding, “So when I put out my own brand of Christmas stockings, that’ll be the best one!”

At one point, presented with two wreaths, she picked up the tackier-looking one and said, “This one, we’re not gonna talk about.  I mean, I don’t know what to say.” — before she disdainfully tosses it off camera.

And of course, Mariah picks her own Christmas wrapping paper — featuring her signature cartoon character — over a roll that’s printed with the words “Ho ho ho.”

“So, not to sound like an infomercial for my own thing — because we’re not doing that — but I’m gonna go with this one,” she says of the wrapping paper, adding in a withering tone,  “And everyone else can have the ‘Ho ho ho’ one.”

You can watch the whole thing now on YouTube.

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