This week, Erik Zachary was joined by the one and only Fitness Marshall. With the #freebritney movement gaining traction on social media, Caleb Marshall broke down everything in regards to her conservatorship and how she could be using her social media as clues in her cry for help.

Racquel Goldy then joined to break down everything Boy Band – from Harry Styles teaming up with the Calm app to read to us for bedtime (or other things) and Charlie Puth calling for an end of social media hate after being accused of using “BTS for clout.”

Trace Hamilton covers literal breaking news as the “Lady A” name change drama takes a turn in an expensive direction and if a certain One Direction member might be seeing a lot more of Nashville.

Jordan drops some major bombs in regards to Kanye running for President, including how he has never actually voted! Also, Dave Chappelle and Jon Hamm were so not social distancing at Chappelle’s Fourth Of July Party, but we’ll let JRDN explain.

Jax gives us a quick explanation as to why all this Kanye news awoke the Taylor Swift fanbase and if Social Distancing music venues are going to be a thing of the future.

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