Nathan Congleton/NBCFifteen years ago Friday, Natasha Bedingfield released one of the defining pop songs of the 2000s: “Unwritten.”  It hit the top five, earned her a Grammy nod and, of course, served as the theme song for MTV’s The Hills. Natasha actually wrote the song as a 14th birthday present for her little brother Josh.  But since the message of “Unwritten” is about living life to the fullest and going after your dreams, we were wondering…what’s Josh doing now?

“He is amazing. He’s a singer, actually, also,” Natasha tells ABC Audio. “And he plans events as well for companies like Red Bull and Mercedes and stuff. He puts on these incredible events in London…he’s just such, like, one of the most loving people ever.”

And does Josh like his present, which was pretty much inescapable 15 years ago?

“I think he loves it…apart from, I think my mum recited the lyrics to him a few too many times,” Natasha laughs. “Like, ‘This song is for you, remember that!’ Y’know, so probably that’s a lot of pressure on him!  But he’s awesome.”

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As for what Natasha thinks of the song now, well, she still loves it and performs it in concert.  But if she happens to walk into a store and it’s playing over the sound system, she says, “It’s weird. I feel like I’m in a music video….you know, like I should have a wind machine with me!”

Natasha recently released Roll With Me, her first album in nine years, and wrapped up a headlining tour not long ago.  Her final date of 2019 is at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on December 6. 

You can watch Natasha performing on the Kinder Egg Float during NBC’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, and at Macy’s 2019 Boston Tree Lighting ceremony on Friday.