(LOS ANGELES) — A new teaser trailer for Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 was released on Thursday. Woody, Buzz and the gang’s new pal Sporky are off on a vacation, where they meet an old friend and a new nemesis.

The clip shows Woody — voiced once again by Tom Hanks –meeting up with his old flame Bo Peep — voiced by Annie Potts. The trip is fraught with danger as well, when the group encounter a toy-chewing cat, who rips up a stuffed toy, as the others watch in terror.

“Is that how we look on the inside?” asks one toy after surveying the carnage.

“So much f-f-f-fluff,” adds another in horror.

Toy Story 4 opens nationwide June 21. Disney is the parent company Pixar and ABC News.

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