The lyric video for Taylor Swift’s “The Man” is here

Valheria RochaEver since Taylor Swift released her album Lover, fans have named the track “The Man” as a standout.  Now, we’ve got a lyric video for the tune, which finds Taylor musing about how very different things would be if she weren’t a woman.

The animated video shows a tiny woman walking among giant men, ducking and diving so she won’t get stepped on.  She then finds herself walking among a huge crowd of identical smaller men, and tries to escape by scaling a ladder and running up and down flights of stairs, but wherever she goes, men surround her. 

Finally, she finds herself on top of a building, and when she falls off trying to avoid being stepped on by the giant men, she falls into the palm of a giant woman, who gently places her — King Kong-style — on a street where she’s surrounded by nothing but women.

In the song, Taylor sings about how her behavior, emotions, attitude and ideas wouldn’t be scrutinized and criticized if she was a guy.

“They’d say I hustled/Put in the work/They wouldn’t shake their heads/And question how much of this I deserve/What I was wearing/ if I was rude/Could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves,” Taylor sings.

After noting that if she were a guy, people would believe what she says and she’d never be criticized for bragging about how rich she is, or being a player “like Leo in Saint Tropez,” Taylor finishes by insisting, “If I was a man/Then I’d be THE MAN.”

(Video contains mild uncensored profanity)

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