The Jonas Brothers were Jimmy Fallon‘s musical guests on Wednesday’s Tonight Show, and also put their knowledge of each other to the test in a game called “Know Your Brother.”

Nick, Joe and Kevin each took turns wearing noise-cancelling headphones while Jimmy asked them questions about each other and challenged them to match one another’s answers.

First up, Joe and Kevin were asked to guess what Nick would say is the thing about him that makes them the most jealous. Joe guessed it would be Nick taking batting practice with the Dodgers, while Kevin thought it would be his shoe collection. Neither was right: Nick believed it him performing at the White House not once, but several times.

Next, Nick and Joe had to guess worst thing Kevin ever did as a kid that their parents didn’t know about at the time, and it seems the oldest Jonas Brother was a bit of a demon. After Nick recalled Kevin sneaking out of the house on more than one occasion, Joe revealed that Kevin had a couple of beers before he was 21 and even bought a pack of cigarettes.

Kevin, however, fessed up to visiting a tattoo parlor just shy of his 18th birthday and bringing Joe — only 14 at the time — with him. Their parents eventually found out and Nick “didn’t get a tattoo for a long time.”

Joe ended up being the winner, though, correctly answering that the wildest thing that happened at his bachelor party was having the cops called on them three times during the first night.

Earlier, the brothers discussed their new album, Happiness Begins, and the documentary Chasing Happiness, both out now.

Kevin, Joe and Nick closed the show with a performance of “Only Human,” from Happiness Begins.

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