(NEW YORK) — Colton Underwood’s wild journey on The Bachelor ended with him landing the girl of his dreams, Cassie Randolph.  While the new couple tells ABC Radio that an engagement is definitely in the cards, after the craziness that was The Bachelor they’re happy to finally be a normal couple for now.

“We are very excited about our future and of course like any couple we talk about it and, I mean, we’re just a normal dating couple right now excited for things to come,” explains Cassie.

Adds Colton, “We’re excited to go out on a few dates out in public, I’m excited to hang out with her friends, I’m excited for our families to get to hang out again…the little steps that people normally take in relationships, because we’ve already taken so many big ones and we’ve been through so much together.”

The Bachelor typically finishes taping in November, meaning Cassie and Colton had to keep the relationship hush-hush for nearly four months. That proved to be difficult, especially for Colton.

“That was, like, our biggest fights is like, I would just be like, ‘Hey, I’m coming over!’ She’s like, ‘You can’t just do that!’ I’m like, ‘I wanted to see you,'” Colton confesses.

“I know, I was so scared of getting caught. I didn’t want anyone to be mad at us for spoiling anything,” adds Cassie.

While fans were happy to see the couple reunite after Cassie left the competition, many felt disappointed they never got to find out if Colton is still a virgin.  Don’t expect an answer anytime soon.

Says Colton, “We want to step a back and keep some things private, and there’s two people in this relationship and we just wanna go about our business sort of behind closed doors now.”

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