Multiple school districts in Oregon faced disruptions today as they received email threats, prompting precautionary measures and early student releases. Three districts reported threats related to bombs or explosives, while another cited a “safety concern.” Law enforcement agencies responded to investigate, finding no devices and reporting no injuries.

Cascade School District in Marion County received a “generic threat” affecting all schools, leading to student releases as a precaution. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a bomb threat, conducted searches, and cleared all school buildings. Students were either picked up by parents or returned to schools. The district canceled all activities for the day and requested FBI assistance.

In the Columbia River Gorge, Corbett School District evacuated schools due to an explosives threat via email. Although the threat didn’t specify Corbett schools, multiple schools reported similar threats. Students were evacuated to Corbett Community Church and later picked up by parents. All school activities were canceled.

Central Linn School District faced a threatening email about a bomb, leading to evacuation and a thorough building search by the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. No suspicious devices were found, and the sheriff’s office emphasized their commitment to the safety of children and employees.

Colton School District, northeast of Molalla, released students early due to a “safety concern.” The district provided no additional details. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office revealed a threat via email and linked it to similar threats in the region, leading to the cancellation of afternoon and evening activities.

As of Monday afternoon, investigations continue, and all districts are working with law enforcement to ensure the safety of students and staff.