Sam Smith promotes new single with pop-up wig shop in London

Walter PfeifferSam Smith is hoping fans flip their wigs over their new single, “To Die For.”

The singer has partnered with YouTube Music to open a pop-up wig shop in London.  Video posted on their Instagram shows a variety of wigs for both men and women, all displayed on retro-looking mannequin heads.

“DOORS ARE OPEN!! The To Die For shop looks amazing.. OBSESSED!!!!” Sam captioned the video. “You can find it at 52 Brewer Street…open to everyone today and tomorrow from 11 until 5, and Friday 10-1. There will also be a special event on Friday from 4pm. RSVP at if you’d like to come. SO EXCITED XXXX.”

The website MusicAlly reports that the event is a Q&A with Sam, and it quotes the singer as saying in a statement, “I was driving through London last year and randomly happened upon a wig shop — the idea for the ‘To Die For’ video came to me then and there. That it has now come to life like this is incredible.”

Sam also posted an additional video of themselves standing in the wig store, wearing a long red wig and applying lipstick. “What’s her name?” they captioned the clip.

Meanwhile, the single “To Die For” is coming out on Friday.

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