ABC(LOS ANGELES) —  Amanda Bynes was apparently in talks to compete on this season’s Dancing with the Stars and almost joined this year’s lineup.  Almost.

Entertainment Tonight reports that the 33-year-old actress has been offered a spot on the show every year, but always passed.  A source told ET that this year, however, “She entertained the conversation more than other times.”

The source claims DWTS sweetened the deal this year by being more accommodating and ponying up more cash.  Despite the new and improved offer, Amanda passed again.

The source claims, “In the end, it’s not the type of comeback she’s looking for.  If she were to go back into showbiz, she’d want to have a steady acting role.”

Bynes talked with PAPER magazine about a potential comeback last year and said she wanted to act again.  

This is the first year Bynes has a little more control over the comings and goings in her life.  Now that she’s moved on from rehab and into a sober home, she isn’t restricted by curfews.  So, it is possible that we’ll see some casting news about her soon.

As for seeing her do a Viennese Waltz on DWTS?  Not so much.

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