Friday night a group of about 200 demonstrators gathered near the Justice Center.

Police say “For several hours, the group blocked the street on Southwest 3rd Avenue between Southwest Main and Southwest Madison Street. During this time, a couple demonstrators set off commercial grade fireworks on Southwest Main Street where the elk statue used to stand.”

Around 11:00 p.m. demonstrators started marching to Waterfront Park. There, demonstrators rallied for about 45 minutes. At 11:45 they marched back to Southwest 3rd Avenue and gathered in the street from Southwest Salmon To Southwest Madison Street.

Police say a few minutes before 1:00 a.m. “a few of the demonstrators began throwing rocks at the Federal Courthouse building. Some of these rocks broke windows. At around 1:30 a.m., some demonstrators began shooting the commercial grade fireworks towards the Justice Center. Many demonstrators were carrying makeshift shields and sticks.”

According to police some in the crowd began dragging fencing material and barricades and started to construct a fence. Several small fires were lit throughout the night, including some dumpster fires, although police say fire crews were not required. Police also say there were several arguments and physical fights within the group which broke up without their intervention.

Around 4 A.M. the Federal Courthouse was said to be attacked. Police declared a riot and tried to get the crowd to leave. They say they gave numerous warnings to leave or they would make arrests or use force.

As of 4:53 A.M. the situation was still active.