Portland, Ore. — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler using a video posted to social media to address upcoming planned protests and his warning to protesters.

His overall message to those coming to promote hate or commit violence, “we don’t want you here.”

In the video the Mayor says the city is “convening jurisdictional partners on a scale that has not been seen in years.”

The Mayor’s Public Information Officer Tim Becker says “we are working with the police bureau to call in every regional partner available. While we are not ready to name who those partners are, and the extent to which they’ll lend assistance, I can tell you we do have an agreement with several regional partners already in place.”

A spokesperson for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office says “we haven’t been requested to be there, so unless there’s a life threatening emergency, we won’t be responding to any situations in Portland per the Sheriff’s decision announced earlier this year.”

A spokesperson for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office says “Today the City of Portland has asked the sheriff for support during the upcoming August 17th protest. Sheriff Roberts will be reviewing their request to determine how his office can best support their efforts.”

The sheriff’s in both those county’s has said they are ending mutual aid pacts with the city of Portland.

Vancouver Police also tell KXL the city of Portland has not reached out for help.

The Mayor also mentions ‘the largest and strongest support coalition this city has seen in years.’ Spokesman Tim Becker says “That coalition consists of elected officials, faith leaders, community leaders, businesses, alliances, civil rights leaders and many others.”

Several groups have circled August 17th as a day of protest in Portland.

KXL will keep you updated on any new information regarding plans for this day as the information becomes available.