Freezing rain falling, hitting the trees and power lines. Workers are battling ice, wind and freezing cold, chopping through fallen branches, repairing power lines.

“A lot of them have been working around the clock, but after so many hours, we’ve got to bring them in and they’ve got to get their eight hours of rest. They’ve been on this storm long enough that we’re running some 24 hour shifts.”

Barry Thompson’s an Eastern Line manager for Portland General Electric.  He says, “We’re pulling in crews from Washington, Idaho, and California. It’s a matter of how far they have to travel and how long it takes them to get here.”

He says the crews are applying lessons learned from previous storms.

“Last time we were really hammered over in the Oregon city area. And this time we’re in the Portland, the West and the Gresham area. So mother nature is not picky on where she goes and she just takes out whatever she wants.”

His message to those still waiting for power, is, “They’re working as hard as they can. Don’t touch any power lines, call us if you need us, be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best.”