A union representing about 1,400 PeaceHealth workers in Southwest Washington says its members are on strike.

They walked off the job at 6:30 A.M.

This strike includes imaging and surgical techs, people who work in environmental services, and food and nutrition caregivers at PeaceHealth Southwest and PeaceHealth St. John.  The Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals represents these workers, but not nurses at these facilities, so this strike does not impact nurses. Jonathan Baker, the union president explains what the strike’s about to our news partner KGW: ““The staffing situation we find ourselves in, the economic realities.  PeaceHealth just simply hasn’t demonstrated a willingness to solve problems.”

As for PeaceHealth’s patients, the company says it has contracted with an agency to provide temporary replacement caregivers for them during the strike and plans to assign on union staff to supplement their staffing needs where possible. It says they’re taking responsible steps to ensure they deliver the same safe high quality care to their patients and families. 

PeaceHealth also says, they, quote, “Respect the rights of our caregivers to participate in this and other lawful activities. However, we are deeply disappointed that the union has chosen to strike.”