Niall Horan broadcasts the track list for ‘Heartbreak Weather’

Capitol RecordsThe full forecast is coming together for Niall Horan’s new album, Heartbreak Weather.

In an Anchorman-inspired video, Niall — using the name “Niall Storm” — delivers the weather report with the song titles from the album sprinkled throughout.  

“Thank you so much for tuning into ‘Heartbreak Weather.’ This crazy little thing they call love isn’t ‘Black And White’ after all, and neither is this crazy little thing they call weather. So be sure to exercise your ‘Dear Patience,’” he begins the broadcast, trading his Irish accent for a classic American newsman voice.

If you listen closely, you can pick out all the track list references in his video. But in case you missed some, Niall  also posted the full 14-song track list to social media.

Here is the track list for Heartbreak Weather, which comes out March 13:

“Heartbreak Weather”
“Black and White”
“Dear Patience”
“Bend the Rules”
“Small Talk”
“Nice to Meet Ya”
“Put a Little Love on Me”
“Arms of a Stranger”
“Cross Your Mind”
“New Angel”
“No Judgement”
“San Francisco”

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