Next month, Miley Cyrus returns to the small screen for an all-new episode of the Netflix anthology series, Black Mirror. As it turns out, she has a lot in common with the pop star character she plays.

Her episode, titled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” revolves around a lonely teenage girl who longs to connect with her favorite singer, played by Miley. But the pop star’s life may not be as charmed as it seems.

“I’m starting to think [creator Charlie Brooker] has a crystal ball or was watching me from some weird, creepy camera, because it was so spot-on,” Miley tells U.K.’s Capital FM.

She adds that her character, Ashley, even lives in Malibu, like her. When she was asked to take on the role, Miley says it was pretty much a no-brainer.

“I’m like, ‘Well, I kind of have no choice since you just wrote it about me!’” she says.

Miley also dishes that her episode has a slightly different tone than most Black Mirror episodes.

“I think it’s going to be different for Black Mirror fans, because there is a little bit more humor,” she says. “It’s still super dark and twisted…but there’s also more humor than usual.”

Miley’s episode, along with the two other episodes that make up season five, debut on Netflix June 5. Her new EP, She Is Coming, drops Friday.

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