Meredith TruaxNot even a nasty rattlesnake bite could keep Mike Posner from completing his mission.

On Friday, six months after he began the journey, the singer successfully completed his walk across the continental United States. After more than 2,800 miles, he finished in Venice Beach, California.

He posted an Instagram video of himself celebrating on the beach. “My name is Mike Posner and I walked across America. Keep Going,” he wrote in the caption.

Mike posted another video of himself smiling, with a camera crew behind him, writing, “Moments after putting my feet in the Pacific Ocean after walking across America. Thank you all for the support.”

He began the walk in April in Asbury Park, New Jersey, but suffered a setback in Colorado in August after being bitten by a rattlesnake. He was sidelined for several weeks while he recovered.

“From 24 miles per day to using this walker to get to bathroom,” he wrote during his recovery. “I’m on my way back. Gonna rebuild with patience and equanimity.”

Mike’s website explains that his goals for the trek were to “leave each town we go through a little bit better than when we arrived,” “practice deep listening” to people he meets along the journey, “love everybody,” “sing for people,” and “enjoy where I am in the journey.”

Along the way, Mike also dropped a string of singles, as well as an EP, released earlier this month, called Keep Going.

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