Salem, Ore. — Marion County District Attorney Paige Clarkson has formally requested Governor Tina Kotek to revoke the commutations granted to 57 individuals convicted in Marion County. Governor Kotek had previously sought assistance from Oregon’s District Attorneys and Community Corrections Directors to assess if individuals within their jurisdictions should have their commutations reconsidered.

In response to the Governor’s request, District Attorney Clarkson examined 138 individuals who had been prosecuted and sentenced in Marion County, only to have their sentences commuted by former Governor Kate Brown. The analysis focused on criminal involvement subsequent to receiving a commutation.

The findings indicate that 11 of the 138 individuals with Marion County commutations have committed various person felonies and/or misdemeanors, while an additional 28 are currently wanted for crimes or have been convicted of non-person crimes since their release. Two individuals are serving prison sentences for felonies committed after their release, and one is awaiting trial for Murder in the Second Degree committed within one year of release.

District Attorney Clarkson expressed gratitude to Governor Kotek for prioritizing public safety, emphasizing the importance of a justice process that maintains this goal. Clarkson’s office conducted a thorough review of each commutation recipient on a case-by-case basis, demonstrating a commitment to fairness.

Governor Kotek, in her letter to Oregon’s District Attorneys and Community Corrections Directors, stated her willingness to revoke commutations if someone is found violating conditions of release or supervision. The Marion County District Attorney’s Office has submitted formal revocation requests with supporting documentation to Governor Kotek’s office, which has confirmed the review of these requests.