ABC/Image Group LA If you’ve ever watched the HGTV series Good Bones, you’ve already got an idea of what Maren Morris is talking about in her latest hit.

Like that show, Maren’s song “The Bones” uses the metaphor of a house’s “bones” — its main underlying structure — to represent a stable romance that can weather any storm. She says she and her co-writers on the track, Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins, came up with the song because they were all so happy in love.

“We just started talking about our relationships at the time, and I was really feeling so solidified in my relationship with my then-fiance, and now husband,” Morris says, referring to singer Ryan Hurd. 

“[Laura] was feeling so amazing with her marriage and her children. And Jimmy just found out that his wife was pregnant,” she adds. “It was just like we all were super solid with our partners.”

Maren says Laura came up with the title, and that led to them “writing this song about, like, the bones of a house. Y’know, even if a hurricane comes, a storm…if the wolves come, the structure of the house is still standing.”

“The foundation is still there,” she explains. “So you could rip it down to the studs and the foundation of this relationship isn’t going anywhere.”

Maren’s about to add on to her foundation: she and Ryan are expecting their first child.

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