PORTLAND, Ore. — The 1st ever Major League Table Tennis event in the Rose City is in the books.  Some of the top table tennis or ping-pong players in the country and around the world came to the Portland Expo to compete on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The MLTT is in its first year of existence and is cruising through the regular season.  Organizers have set up the format as a team competition featuring singles and doubles matches, but also golden games which involve multiple players and are worth extra points.  4 teams in the east and 4 in the west are vying for points, wins and playoff position.

Organizers with a deep passion for table tennis hope the MLTT can grow the league with hopes of earning a broadcast television contract.  They are also working to grow the number of teams and grow the salaries of everyone involved including the players and coaches.  All the contests and excitement can be viewed for free on YouTube.

Adam Bobrow is The International Voice of Table Tennis.  He has been contracted by the MLTT to appear at all the events and entertain the crowd during and in between the action.  He travels the globe promoting the sport and has a massive following on YouTube.

KXL’s Brett Reckamp attended the MLTT this weekend, here’s a short version of their conversation as heard on Portland’s Morning News:


Photo: Brett Reckamp – Texas Smashers
Photo: Brett Reckamp – mascots at MLTT