Lizzo hilariously reveals all the things she can cram into her iconic tiny purse

ABC/Image Group LALizzo may have dazzled the American Music Awards’ red carpet with her orange ruffle dress, however, it was her tiny purse that completely stole the show on November 24.

On Monday, the “Juice” singer decided to unpack that little bag in a hilarious Instagram video, showing us that it is both small AND mighty.  Or, as Doctor Who fans may say, it’s bigger on the inside.

Lizzo, wearing a bold black and white pint bodysuit with neon pink straps, looks off camera as a friend asks if she has a pencil.  “You know I got you,” she smiles before fishing it out of her purse.

However, the things she digs out become even more ridiculous and all the more entertaining. 

She proceeds to pull out a remote before announcing that she’s hungry and promptly excavates a tube of Pringles before casually asking her friend, “You want some chips?”

The Cuz I Love You artist then wonders aloud, “Where the hell is my wine?” before fishing out an entire 750ml bottle from the depths of her tiny purse.  She even comically unscrews off the top and smiles at the camera.

However, Lizzo is not finished and is asked what she’s wearing out, to which she dramatically grunts as she struggles to fish out a long neon green number.

Her triumph turns to confusion for the grand finale as she goes back to her small purse and exclaims in confusion, “Girl, what the f***?!” as she yanks out a three-foot-long wig.  The video ends as she matter of factly declares, “I don’t have room for this in my bag!” 

That said, Lizzo is most definitely prepared if she ever needs to take a surprise test, take a drink, or change outfits for an unexpected event. 

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