On Thursday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host caught up with Joe Biden to see how self-quarantine life has been going for him and his household. “I clean, [my wife] cooks,” Biden revealed after he boasted about practicing social distancing despite not being in official lockdown. Biden, continued, “We have folks come in, from the Secret Service and on, but they wear masks and gloves. You know, we try to do it by the numbers.”

Meanwhile, the presidential candidate reacted to Donald Trump insinuating that he’s not healthy after tweeting out a video of him coughing. “Do you think he’s worried about you?” Kimmel quipped. Biden responded, “Oh, I think he’s very worried about my health… He’s very concerned. He’s always looked out for me.”

Here’s Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Thursday night’s quarantine episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, which included hosting his latest segment of Hashtags: #IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen. Inspired by COVID-19, Fallon asked Twitter followers to tweet him, funny, weird, or embarrassing things they’ve done during week two of quarantine.

Alec Baldwin visited Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition via webcam, where he confessed to catching up on lots of TV during quarantine. Baldwin, who binge watched both The Outsider and The Crown, praised the latter for having incredible set design you would see in a movie. The actor also added that he’s been playing lots of Memory and Candy Land while at home with his kids.