During Wednesday’s The Tonight Show: Home Edition, Jimmy Fallon’s daughters and wife helped him deliver coronavirus-related jokes during his monologue. After joking about using CVS receipts as toilet paper, Fallon asked one of his daughters, “Did you like [my joke]?” She immediately shot back, No!”

Meanwhile, the host interviewed Lin-Manuel Miranda via webcam. The Broadway star praised teachers and their hard work after revealing that he hasn’t been getting any of his own work done during quarantine because he’s been having a tough time homeschooling his kids. Miranda also performed Hamilton‘s “Dear Theodosia,” while the host urged viewers to donate to Broadway Cares.

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel hosted day two of his Quarantine Minilogue where he joked about the temporary border closure between the United States and Canada and called Trump “racist” for referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese Virus.” Kimmel also shared his guidelines on how to handle being in quarantine: Mandatory pants, no pictures of your kids’ daily schedule, binge responsibly, scream in your car, and check in on your loved ones. The late night host later encouraged viewers to join him in donating to the American Red Cross.