Knox’s Rise to Fame & The Grammy Moments Not Captured on Camera

Following music’s most prestigious evening, the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, in Los Angeles. This episode of The Spout Podcast brings you an in-depth analysis and behind-the-scenes insights from the event that everyone is talking about. But before we delve into the Grammy’s highlights and lowlights, we start with an exclusive catch-up session with the talented Knox – singer, songwriter, pop-punk sensation, and Ed Sheeran aficionado.

Fresh off his first-ever headlining performance, Knox sits down with Spout Host Erik Zachary to share his experiences. From a hopeful drink with LeBron James to the unique way living “in the third person” influences his songwriting, and the spontaneity of changing plans on stage, Knox opens up about his journey to stardom and his breakout hit, “Not The 1975,” which hints at his rising fame alongside his SOLD OUT tour.

Then fellow Spout host Tamara Dhia joins Erik for all things Grammy’s 2024. Together, they dissect the most memorable moments from the Grammy Awards, uncover what the cameras didn’t capture, discuss the most surprising snubs, and reveal Jay Z’s candid critiques.

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