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In the video for her latest single “Raising Hell,” Kesha is seen wearing heavy makeup — but it turns out she was also secretly giving her fans a sneak peek at her latest venture: a cruelty-free, vegan beauty line called Kesha Rose Beauty.

As Women’s Wear Daily reports, Kesha Rose Beauty will launch December 3 on HipDot.com with three products: the FTW Eyeshadow Palette; a set of two waterproof liquid eyeliner pens called Whatever Wherever Wands; and a lip set featuring Raising Hell Red Lipstick and That B*** Lip Gloss.

The items range in price from $26 to $36, but you can also buy a limited-edition collector’s box for $120, which comes with all the products and a note from the singer.  A version with no note costs $90.

“I love the transforming thing that makeup can do and [how] you feel more beautiful,” Kesha tells WWD.

“My relationship to makeup is not purely to make me feel perfect or beautiful or filtered. It’s more to make me feel like my authentic insides are being shown on the outside,” she adds.

The colors for the line were inspired by nature, including sunsets, the desert and the ocean, as well as Kesha’s personal heroes, like David Bowie and her grandma, whose red lipstick inspired her Raising Hell shade.

“I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone in terms of colors,” she explains. “It helps you grow and if it doesn’t help you grow, [and] you do something you don’t love, then you just wash it off.”

“Sometimes with beauty, it feels like the goal is perfection. With my line, that’s not the goal,” Kesha adds. “My goal is happiness.”

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