You may have to make another plan for your health care if you depend on Kaiser Permanente for medicines or immunizations.  Pharmacy workers have started a 21 day strike and other health care workers could also join in starting Wednesday.

Kaiser Permanente informed its customers, they may have to reschedule elective surgeries and non urgent appointments.  It said quote, “In this situation, we will contact you in advace, by text, phone call or email.  There’s no need to call or email your doctor’s office at this time.”  These pharmacies are closed: Tualatin, Keizer Station, Sunnybrook, Rockwood, Gateway, Salmon Creek and Orchards.  The pharmacy workers strike began Sunday.  And another larger group of about 75,000 Kaiser Permanente health care workers plans a two day strike beginning Wednesday in Oregon, Washington, and three other states. Kaiser says it has a long history of working with unions and is continuing to negotiate.  It says quote, “Our top priority is caring for our members and patients. We have contingency plans in place to ensure you continue to receive safe, high-quality medical and dental care.”