A museum in Justin Bieber‘s hometown of Stratford, Ontario already has a display dedicated to him, but this coming Monday, it’s getting bigger…and more intimate.

According to the Stratford Beacon Herald, new items will be added to the Justin Bieber: Steps to Stardom exhibit at the Stratford Perth Museum, many from Justin himself and his family. Among the new items: the basketball jersey the singer wore last year during NBA All-Star weekend, a photo of him and his wife Hailey, and underwear. Yes, underwear.

The undies were a gift that Justin got when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, explains the museum’s general manager, adding, “Apparently worn once.” 

No word on whether or not they’re Calvin Klein, the brand Justin once modeled for.

In addition, Justin’s grandfather’s stuffed fox — whose paw Justin broke as a kid — will also be on display in a glass case.  It’s the same fox seen in the 2011 concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

Says the general manager, “That’ll be something that hardcore Beliebers will identify with right away, they’ll go, ‘Oh, my God, that’s the fox out of the movie.’”

In 2018, 20,000 people visited the museum, and Justin himself popped in about five times. All told, when the upgraded exhibit opens on Saturday, 60 items will be new.

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