Republic RecordsChristmas is fast approaching, and today, we’ve got three new original holiday songs to get us in the mood.

The Jonas Brothers‘ offering is “Like It’s Christmas,” an upbeat, romantic song about how being with a loved one can make every day feel special. 

“As long as you’re with me/It’s always the time of the year,” the Brothers sing. “You make every day feel like it’s Christmas/Never wanna stop/Feelin’ like the first thing on your wish list/Right up at the top.”

Alessia Cara, meanwhile, has “Make It to Christmas,” a deceptively upbeat tune with a downbeat message.  Her relationship is in trouble, but she begs her significant other not to break up with her before Christmas.

She sings, “Just say we’ll make up/And hold on a little longer/Don’t have me spending it alone/This time of year is precious/Please, can we make it to Christmas?”

And if you like Christmas songs that make you cry, Lukas Graham is here for you.  The Danish band has released a touching track called “HERE (For Christmas).”  Frontman Lukas Graham Forchhammer says the song is “about William, my childhood friend, who is no longer with us.”

“He was renovating this beautiful old boat, but he never got to put it in the water,” Lukas adds. “That boat is a metaphor for all the things I wish I could do with Willy, my dad and all the others that are here no more.”

“Oh, we miss you like hell, all the stories that you’d tell/’Bout the boat that you built, but never got to sail,” Lukas sings. “Gone don’t always mean that you disappear/’Cause inside all of us you’re still here.”

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