Motion Picture Artwork © 2019 STX Financing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.(LOS ANGELES) — Actress, singer, dancer and fashion icon Jennifer Lopez is back on the big screen in Hustlers, and the superstar’s performance already has some award show buzz.

The film about strippers fleecing Wall Street high rollers was inspired by true events.  But as JLo told ABC’s Good Morning America, “It’s a movie that…goes deeper than maybe you think it does.”

“This movie was produced by women, written and directed by women, edited by women and has a cast of all women,” J. Lo said proudly, adding, “The men love it, too!”

Lopez explained that a large focus of the film is her character Ramona’s friendship with co-star Constance Wu’s character.

“Right away Constance and I sort of hit it off in that way,” the actress said. “We had a natural chemistry.”

And Jennifer reveals that playing a pole dancer took a lot of work — and a toll.

“My core was on fire and I literally had bruises all over my legs — just trying to learn this in a short amount of time,” Lopez recalled.

Meanwhile, Jennifer told GMA she was in Washington, D.C. earlier this summer for her “It’s My Party” tour, and she got the opportunity to meet Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“I admire her so much for all the things she’s done, standing up for minorities and women and fighting for justice in this country, but also for her marriage,” Lopez said. In fact, she asked RBG for some wisdom on the topic.

“I was like, ‘What’s the secret?’” Lopez said. “She was just like, ‘Sometimes it just helps to be a little bit deaf — if you hear an unkind word, let it go.’ It was super-wise.”

Hustlers, which also stars Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Mercedes Ruehl and Lizzo, opens Friday.

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