Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds speaks with Congress members in support of LGBTQ rights

Alexandre Schneider/Getty ImagesImagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds visited Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to speak with senators and representatives about LGBTQ rights, specifically passing legislation to ban conversion therapy.

Neon Trees vocalist Tyler Glenn and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Carmen Carrera joined Reynolds on Capitol Hill to converse with Congress members, including Sen. Mitt Romney.

“Before today, I would have told you my mission is to put on a festival every year and try to change the culture within faith in regard to LGBTQ issues,” Reynolds told Billboard, referring to his LOVELOUD festival.

“But now I feel like I have a new added mission, which is to try to change legislation and push bills, and make real changes within our politics as well,” he said.

Reynolds added that he hopes that more members of the music community will speak up in support of LGBTQ rights.

“We need our artists who are on the far right to speak up and be better allies,” Reynolds said. “We need more country artists to come forward and say, ‘I love our gay community and conversion therapy needs to be done away with.’ That makes a big difference.”

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