Hillsboro, Ore – In a letter addressed to Hillsboro High School (Hilhi) students, staff, and families, Principal Cary Meier announced a holstered gun found on the high school campus.

The firearm was discovered by custodial staff on campus Wednesday night in an area not accessible to students. Initial indications suggested that it may have been inadvertently left by a staff member after hours. He says the incident was promptly reported to the Hillsboro Police Department (HPD), HSD safety staff, and relevant school and district-level administrators.

By morning, sufficient information was gathered to identify the individual involved, and a plan was formulated in collaboration with law enforcement. The staff member has been placed on administrative leave, and further actions will be taken in accordance with the employment contract.

Law enforcement confirmed that there was no indication of danger to students or staff, ensuring a safe normal school day. However, due to ongoing processes throughout the morning and early afternoon, communication was held until the end of the school day.

All weapons, including those carried by individuals with concealed carry permits, are prohibited on school grounds unless under the control of an authorized law enforcement officer (per Board Policy KGBB: Firearms Prohibited). The situation is being treated as a criminal matter by HPD, with full cooperation from the school.

Principal Meier acknowledged the potential impact of the incident on individuals’ emotions and emphasized the commitment to safety. Support resources, including school counselors and the Employee Assistance Program, are available for students and staff. Crisis support resources can be accessed on the school’s website.

Principal Meier expressed gratitude to those who reported the incident, responders, and law enforcement partners for their support in investigating and handling the situation.