erol savci/iStock(LOS ANGELES) — As most cat owners know, when your kitty wants attention… you have no choice but to give it to them.  Hailey Bieber learned just that when her little Savannah kittens took up residence on her laptop.

“Um, excuse me.  Can I get my computer back… please?” Hailey pleads in a video posted to her Instagram Stories, which she uploaded Sunday.  It shows one of her Savannahs, Tuna, lounging about on the MacBook’s screen.

Unfortunately for the model, the kitten remains unmoved.  Instead, it flicks its tail and begins dismissively grooming one of its legs as she tries to gently pull the laptop out from underneath to no avail.  

In a subsequent story, Hailey shows that she remained unsuccessful in retrieving her MacBook as her other kitten, Sushi, is seen idly perching on top of the keyboard.  Bieber remains speechless in the video and, instead, turns to her puppy, Oscar, for some assistance.

Oscar hilariously ignores his owner’s struggle as he lazes against a pillow and slowly closes his eyes.  The next Story shows the Yorkie fast asleep in the same spot on the bed.

As for what was so important for Hailey to finish, it appears she was viewing a realtor’s website and scrolling through available homes.  

Justin Bieber purchased the two Savannah kittens last October for a whppping $35,000.  Here’s hoping the Biebers break their kittens of their computer-sitting habits because the Savannah is the largest domestic cat breed and those two kittens will only get bigger.

Savannah cats have the potential to weigh up to 20 pounds, as they are a cross-breed with the medium-sized wild African cat, the serval.

You can watch Sushi and Tuna grow up on their verified Instagram account.  

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