Source: YouTube

Two childhood friends are attempting a 500-mile drive down the coast of Florida in toy cars for a few cool reasons. The first, to earn the Guinness World Record for Longest Distance by Toy Cars.  But they are also doing it as a fundraiser to save animals.  

Cassie and Lauren are starting their journey at Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville and will end at the Southernmost Point Buoy in Key West.  They expect it to take about two months. They got the idea to do it in honor of when they used to ride battery toy cars in the neighborhood together as kids!

They encouraging donations by giving shout outs on social media to their top donors. And they’ve got a healthy following of a million people across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.  They raised more than $600 during the first 24 hours and are hoping to raise $10,000 by the time they are done.  The money will be split among different animal organizations including the Red Panda Network in Nepal, the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center, the Save a Fox Rescue in Minnesota, the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri and more.