ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) — While some people cannot handle the fact that another year is quickly coming to an end, other people like Ellen DeGeneres are welcoming 2020 with endless optimism and open arms.

On her lifestyle brand’s Instagram, ED Ellen DeGeneres, the syndicated talk show host shared some deep thoughts about the oncoming new year in a video as she ambles along a picturesque beach.

“Hello everyone, just wanna say an early Happy New Year, ’cause I’m walking on the beach and it’s beautiful,” she cheerfully greets as she admires the rolling waves.  “I’m very grateful for everything I have in my life and I hope that, if you’re not feeling that today, you feel that on some days.”

The Finding Dory star warmly reflects, “Some days we forget…take things for granted.”

DeGeneres is all smiles as she continues on with her positive message.  “But, right now, I’m just sending love to everybody,”  She concludes before waving goodbye.  

The feel-good video doesn’t end there, as the caption encourages those watching the video to tag someone “who needs to hear this.”

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