Image Group LA/ABCDua Lipa is slamming shut one chapter in her life and opening another with her aggressively catchy new single “Don’t Start Now.”  

“SHE’S HERE!!!” The 24-year-old singer celebrated Thursday on Twitter, “hope you like [“Don’t Start Now”] as much as I loved making it.”  

The disco funk-inspired single opens with a warning “Did a full 180/ crazy/ Thinking ’bout the way I was/ Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe/ But look at where I ended up.”  

The Grammy winner could possibly be taking a shot at ex-boyfriend, chef Isaac Crew, with whom she split with over the summer before cozying up with Anwar Hadid shortly after.

Lipa’s lyrics do spin a tale about a jealous ex unable to stand the fact that she’s moved on, as she warns in the pre-chorus, “If you don’t wanna see me dancing with somebody/ If you wanna believe that anything could stop me.”

The artist then launches into a “New Rules”-esque list for her ex-lover to follow, “Don’t show up/ don’t come out/ Don’t start caring about me now/  Walk away, you know how/  Don’t start caring about me now.”

Paired with the new release is a sneak peek at the song’s music video, due out at a later time.  The video places viewers in a first person perspective of arguing with Dua and her friends at a club before they grab and drag them out the back before Lipa grunts and angrily shoves them to the ground.  The camera then fades to black before, presumably, panning to the events leading up to the showdown.

The artist confirmed on October 1 that she is working on a new album, but did not reveal its title nor its release date, except that it’s due out “soon.”

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