Driver Rescued From Flooded Highway

Yamhill County, Ore.  (Sheridan/SW Polk/West Valley Fire Districts) Just after 7 AM Tuesday, January 28th, Sheridan, SW Polk and West Valley crews were dispatched to a car stuck in high water on SW Bellevue Highway. At the time crews were dispatched, it was unknown if the car was occupied. Upon arrival, crews found the car had one occupant and was stuck in 12 inches of water. Crews were able to cross the water and get to the vehicle, allowing the occupant to climb into the Battalion Chief’s vehicle and get to safety.

Fortunately, in this scenario, the occupant was able to be rescued from the vehicle without any injury. However, we want to remind people to Turn Around Don’t Drown. It takes very little water to knock over an adult, and not much more to sweep away a car. It is very difficult to determine how deep the water is, so please turn around and find another route.