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I Got Ur Evite

Coming up in your Phone Tap, Jubal calls a woman to tell her he’s super pumped about her birthday party

Eric & Cora

The woman in today’s Second Date works as a meter maid and is used to people not being happy with her, but the guy with whom she went on a date was INFATUATED with he

90’s Time Traveler

Today’s Phone Tap victim thinks he’s calling a Hotel just to check-in, but Jubal is the concierge on duty.

Jake & Kelly

One of our listeners believes he met the PERFECT woman for him.

Jerry The Toothfairy Is Back

Coming up in your Phone Tap, it’s the return of your favorite 42 year-old guy who sneaks into neighbor’s houses replacing children’s teeth with cash: Jerry The Toothfairy!

Undercover Awkward

We’re breaking new ground this morning! It’s a special occasion and for the first time we’re combining an Awkward Tuesday Phone call with a Second Date