ABC(LOS ANGELES) — Just one week after opening up about his diagnosis, TV host and actor Cameron Mathison says he’s on the mend.

Following his surgery for kidney cancer, the 50-year-old told ABC’s Good Morning America in a statement, “We got the pathology report back yesterday … and it’s very good news. It’s the least aggressive form of kidney cancer… with a] very low rate of recurring.”

Robin Roberts and company shared the good news Thursday morning on GMA.

Doctors were able to remove the tumor on his right kidney completely, leaving him with 80% of the vital organ, according to Mathison.

Last week, Mathison opened up about his diagnosis to GMA, revealing that he had a 4.2 centimeter mass growing inside his right kidney and saying that it was “consistent to renal cell carcinoma.”

After his surgery last week, the former GMA contributor took to social media to thank well-wishers saying, “I’ve been very overwhelmed and grateful for all the supportive comments and prayers. The surgery went very well.”

Today, the father of two is staying positive and even shared an image earlier this week showing the outpouring of support from well-wishers who have sent him cards, flowers, and even kidney beans.

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