Brides Throw Themselves a Socially Distanced Wedding on NYC Sidewalk

Talk about in sickness and in health!

Amid the global coronavirus outbreak, two brides in Manhattan found a way to get hitched this past weekend, tying the knot on a city sidewalk while practicing proper social distancing. On Friday, Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler walked 10 blocks from their apartment to friend Matthew Allen Wilson’s building. Wilson, who’s an ordained wedding officiant, married them while leaning out his apartment window four stories up while his wife took photos from another window.

Other friends served as witnesses while standing a safe distance away from the couple on the street. “As they were coming down the street, we were waving bubbles,” Wilson says. “We made sure to wave the bubble wands because the last thing you want to do is blow bubbles during a pandemic, because then each little bubble is a bomb of potential virus.”

Afterwards, Wheeler says, “A couple of our friends sent us Domino’s gift cards because there’s a Domino’s right outside our window… Another couple friends sent us Champagne, so we had some pizza and Champagne when we got home.”