Portland, Ore. — A wave of bomb threats swept across Oregon on Monday, triggering evacuations and law enforcement responses from the coast to the central and eastern regions of the state. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Portland Field Office documented over 18 incidents affecting a dozen school districts, three synagogues, and two small airports.

Although federal investigators currently deem the threats not credible, local law enforcement and officials treated them seriously. Students statewide evacuated multiple school campuses following threatening emails received by districts hinting at the presence of bombs or explosives within the buildings.

In Gilliam County, the sheriff’s office responded to threats targeting the Arlington and Condon School Districts around 10 a.m. Lt. Tory Flory explained the subsequent evacuation and thorough search of the schools, revealing the threats to be hoaxes.

The Gilliam County Sheriff’s Office, comprised of just eight full-time sworn officers, faced resource challenges and sought assistance from neighboring agencies to manage the situation. Kieran Ramsey, FBI Special Agent in Charge of Oregon, emphasized the impactful depletion of law enforcement and public safety resources during such incidents.

The Portland FBI office is actively investigating the Gilliam County incidents, along with other hoax threats within the state, to determine connections and identify those responsible.

FBI Special Agent Ramsey told our news partner KGW that many threats shared similar language, with some traced back to an IP address located outside the United States. The FBI also reported receiving threats in Ohio and Texas on the same day, but the agency has not confirmed any connection to the incidents in Oregon.

Synagogues in the Portland area, including Congregations Neveh Shalom and Beth Israel, were among the targeted institutions. The Secure Community Network identified the threats as hoaxes, with Congregation Neveh Shalom promptly following protocols and collaborating with law enforcement to ensure community safety.

While the investigation continues, the FBI encourages vigilance and cooperation from the public to address these threats effectively.