West Linn, Ore – A weather-related equipment failure has prompted the City of West Linn to issue a boil water advisory for the Horton Water Pressure Zone. The potential loss of water pressure in this area has led to concerns about the safety of the drinking water.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the system pressure, the City has taken precautionary measures by advising residents and businesses within the Horton Pressure Zone to boil their water before consumption. The state mandates such advisories when water pressure falls below 20 pounds per square inch (PSI) due to the risk of harmful bacteria presence after a pressure loss.

Residents and businesses in the affected area are urged to follow specific precautions for water usage. This includes disinfecting water used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, rinsing contact lenses, shaving, and making ice through methods such as boiling, using unscented liquid chlorine bleach, purification tablets, or bottled water.

It is emphasized that water used for bathing, showering, or laundry does not need to be disinfected. Dishes can be washed with hot water, and the pressure has been restored as of Tuesday, January 16, with the affected reservoir refilling. However, residents may experience noise in pipelines due to the presence of air, which is expected to dissipate as taps are run.

The City reassures residents that water systems are continuously monitored, and infrastructure is staffed to handle any pipe breaks, particularly in freezing weather conditions. Pipe breaks are repaired promptly, followed by a thorough flushing of the water system and bacteriological sampling over a 48-hour period. Once lab results confirm water quality, the boil water advisory is lifted.

For more information and updates, residents are encouraged to contact the Water Department at (503) 742-6083 or [email protected]. General guidelines on minimizing the risk of infection by microbes can be obtained from the EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791 or the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Services at (971) 673-0405. Further updates are available on the city’s website at westlinnoregon.gov and through social media channels.